Thursday, February 12, 2009

Writer's Workshop Wednesday

My 5 Most Recent Favorite Things

1. Kristen Wiig on Saturday Night Live. I think she is possibly one of the funniest women ever. (Besides myself of course…I can really crack me up.) When she does the Kathy Lee skit, I pee my pants. I also pee my pants when I jump on the trampoline, but that is probably too much information.

2. My laundry room. It may sound insane, but I LOVE it in there. I was recently inspired by Stephanie Vest who decided that we must find joy in even the most mundane tasks. So I decided to paint it my favorite color (robin’s egg blue) and my husband surprised me with some great cabinets. I fixed her up all girly like and now I LOVE to be in there. I will post pics as soon as I am done with the final touches. When I go in there I am inspired and often find myself thinking of the three Stephanie's that have touched my life. Stephanie Vest, Stephanie Nielson and most importantly Stephanie Phillips.

3. Naked biker. You have provided me with quite a chuckle this morning. What I found to be even funnier was when I looked at the story online there was some ding-dong (haha...ding dong) that commented on the story. He was defending Naked Biker saying that the details were sketchy as to why he got pulled over. UH, maybe because he was RIDING A MOTORCYCLE NAKED? I left a comment. I couldn't help myself. Thank you KY3 for exposing this story. And thank you for actually using the phrase "naked as a jaybird" in your newscast. My morning is complete.

4. The plethora of Tinker bell wallflowers my mom stocked up on. The sent is “Sugared Pixie Dust” and they make Claire’s room smell like a little girl’s room should! It reminds me of my Lemon Meringue Doll from the days of my childhood. I tell you what, I can go in there and look at all of the girly stuff I put on the walls and take a big whiff of the girly smelling wallflower, and I can almost convince myself I have a “girly” girl on my hands. Then I open my eyes and see her playing with lizards, snakes and bugs while wearing her brother’s underpants and I am snapped back into reality.

5. Aprons. I love them. I only have 2. One is a Christmas apron so I don't get to wear it often. I got a GREAT one in a gift exchange this year. It came from Anthropologie and it is really cute. But I would love to have more. When I wear them I feel so June Cleaver-esque. Plus it gives me another place to wipe my hands and boogers….not MY boogers…I promise.

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