Thursday, February 12, 2009

Claire update

Today was Claire's 6 month checkup with the endocrinologist. Luckily they come here once a month so we don't have to drive 3 hours to Kansas City for checkups. She has grown and inch and a half since August which puts her at 47 & 1/2 inches!!! She is just centimeters away from being FOUR FEET TALL! They were very pleased with her growth. She has not gained any weight which is a very good sign that the medicine is working properly. But they do want to do some tests to make sure everything is going as well as it seems. So next week we will do the following.

1. We will obtain a bone age to make sure that things are slowing down in that department.
2. Another check of her insulin. (which REALLY made me happy because I can't believe we haven't done one since she started her meds.)
3. A check of her liver enzymes to make sure that her liver is tolerating the meds. They said that it is VERY rare for a childs liver to be affected but they want to make sure.

My mom and I felt really good about this visit. Dr. Turpin's positive reaction to Claire's growth was such a comfort. I also was reminded again of how blessed I am. Having children is hard enough without keeping up with meters and pumps. Two of the children in the waiting room had other issues besides endocrine problems and it was just awful to watch. I will be praying extra hard for those parents tonight. I pray that God gives them comfort.

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Nanny said...

I loved our girl's lunch! The only thing missing was Ashley and Miss Livi!