Monday, February 9, 2009

Writer's Workshop: To Whom it May Concern.

I found a blog that has a little activity called Writer's Workshop Wednesday. I thought it would be fun to participate. Here are last weeks prompts.

1.) Tell us about a lie you told that you later regretted.
2.) Choose a task you'd like someone to complete and write a poem asking them to do it.
3.) Describe a talent you have.
4.) Write a list of ten things on your mind this week.

You are supposed to choose one, write about it and then post it on her blog. For this one, I will just post it here. So, enjoy!

#2 is my prompt of choice. (Dr. Seuss, eat your heart out.)

To whom it may concern, I'm writing you this letter;
and if you choose to comply, my world will be much better.

There is a place that I despise to be in, around or near;
and even though I know I'm safe it involves my greatest fear.

I can handle spiders and even the occasional mouse;
but what I can not handle is the stinking reptile house.

I know the glass is extra thick and has no chance of breaking;
but that does nothing for my sweating, quick breathing and the shaking.

My daughter seems to love it and I cannot tell her no;
So when we visit the D Park zoo, we just can't help but go.

I hope you understand now, and I'll get straight to the point;
All I ask is one small thing....please shut down that joint!!!!!!

Please let me know what you decide, I thank you so sincerely;
And if your answer should be yes....I'll love you oh so dearly.

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