Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love is.....

"Love is, my nice warm home."-Claire Age 4.

**I read this on the bulletin board at school. As a stay at home mommy my main goal in life is to make our house a home that Big Daddy, Claire and Cohen love to be in. Mission accomplished.**


Kristin said...

Well, I love your cabinet I didnt
have room for it anyway.(HAHA)
I do however want to see pictures
of it in your kitchen.
I would also love to see pictures
of your laundry room. So hurry up
and get all that done and then
start the plans for our super, dooper fun girls weekend.

So, I just looked over all my
demands and it sounds a little
bosey....SOOOOO not inteded to be.
Love you!!!!

Also when you left the salon on
Friday there was some guys (well
sort of) you know what I mean
anyway that said "she was like way
hot" Just thought you might want to know. Even if there not on our
team....Well Doug is but hes my
brother and thats yucky.

Anonymous said...

I beg your pardon!! Maybe it is time to switch salons.

Chrissy said...

I have a funny feeling that this Anonymous comment MAY be from Big Daddy! If it is...hooray! He finally left me a comment. Also, the dudes would be more interested in BIG DADDY than in me...if you catch my drift!