Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Big Daddy cursed.

Yesterday when I called Big Daddy to tell him what the doctor said about Claire's tests, he cursed. Not because the results were bad, but because we have yet to have an experience with Claire that didn't involve someone who idiot. Here's the conversation that took place yesterday between me and the very sweet nurse from our pediatrician's office. (This was NOT her fault or anyone in our peds office because they rock!)

Nurse:"We received the results of Claire's bone age."
Me: "Oh."
Nurse: "Yes, and it has not advanced since the last time we did one which is great news!"
Me: "Fantastic! Do you have the results of the labs yet?"
Nurse: "Oh, I'm sorry...let me oh here they are! Her liver enzymes are normal which is GREAT and her glucose is well within the normal range."
Me: "Oh, that is great news...but her glucose isn't the's her insulin."
Nurse: "Oh dear."
Me: "Yes, they were supposed to test her INSULIN not her glucose."
Nurse: "Oh, dear...let me call you back."

I hang up and call Big Daddy. That's when he cursed. The thought of having to draw more blood from our baby girl doesn't excite us. Neither does the thought of buying another overpriced stuffed animal from the pharmacy. Luckily, the sweet nurse called me back and told me that they think they have enough blood left over to run the insulin test. (I'll bet you dollars to sugar free wafers that we will be charged for both!)

I got a call this morning from KC wanting to make sure that Claire had eaten a big meal 2 hours prior to the blood being drawn. I told her yes and fought the urge to say, "because I, unlike SOME people, follow instructions." She said she just wanted to make sure and that the lab here was TOTALLY confused and had no idea what postprandial (after a meal) meant. YIKES. I didn't know what it meant before we had to have postprandial blood draws for Claire, but I would know enough to GOOGLE IT for crying out loud!!!! Besides all that, it doesn't matter what postprandial means because it has nothing to do with them! I am the one responsible for making sure she was there 2 hours after a meal.

The good news, is that the medication isn't affecting her liver and I am so thankful for that. Now we just wait to see what her insulin levels were...that is unless they decide to check for the German measles instead.