Monday, January 19, 2009

Quarter House.

Saturday we were very busy preparing for a baby shower for our friend and neighbor Miss Carmen. I didn't get a lot of great pics because I totally slacked in that department. But I will share this adorable picture of Miss Carmen and Miss Jenna with their baby bumps. Carmen (left) is due February 19th and Jenna will be induced on Friday if she hasn't already had her sweet boy by then. Please keep them both in your prayers as they welcome their new little ones into the world.

Claire was lucky enough to spend the day with Nanny while we prepared for the shower. After the party, I met Nanny and Claire at Hobby Lobby. After that we met Papa at Colton's steakhouse for dinner. Big Daddy and Coco were at home having an evening of guy time. Claire LOVES steak. Her favorite restaurant is Texas Roadhouse. I mean she. Loves. Steak. So Papa was asking her if she wanted the sirloin, the rib eye or the porterhouse. He was kind of kidding about the porterhouse because it was an 18oz. steak!! Well she decided that she wanted the "quarter house" steak. I said "NO WAY!" But Papa said that if she wanted it, she would have it. I thought it was crazy and was already planning on enough leftovers for a pot of soup. WRONG! My little carnivore ate the ENTIRE 18 oz. T-bone steak. And of course....I just happened to have my camera.


Rhonda said...

What a pretty little girl.. Well at least she won't be one of those girls who just orders a salad on a date :) You are so good about taking pictures. I really need to work on that!

Teri said...

Yeah, yeah. Ok. So she really DID eat the whole thing. You will have to ask me about my steak incident when I was about her age someday. It involves steak in and steak out. But I managed to eat the whole thing too. LOL! I will without the full story for your reader's sake.