Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Laughter Lives Tuesday-Gotta Go.

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Two and a half years ago I was waddling around our neighborhood 38 weeks pregnant with Cohen. Three weeks prior to that I had been told that our sweet "little" boy was already between 5-7 pounds. I knew that the earlier he came, the better off we would be. (Plus, the docs said he was ready!) So on the evening of September 20th we set out for a little jaunt in hopes that it would encourage the eviction of little Coco from my womb. We got a few streets over and I stopped. Something happened. "Uh, Big Daddy...we need to head home." He looked at me with a face filled with three parts excitement and one part panic and asked, "Whyyyyy?" "Well, either my water just broke or I peed my pants...either way, we need to go home." So off we went. As we reached our street I began to have the distinct feeling that it was in fact the latter that caused my pants to resemble those of my newly potty trained 2 year old. We approached some neighbors. It was Miss Carmen and another neighbor whom I had never met before. So imagine my embarrassment when my very well spoken 2 year old said, "We have to go! Mommy just peed her pants!" I waddled off wet pants and all. Thank you Claire for always keeping me ever so humble. Oh, and by the way...my water did not break, but Cohen was born the next morning!


emily said...

too funny!

i didn't realize that cohen and sawyer's b-days were a day apart!

Nicolette Sikes said...


I came upon your blog when I found out about my cousin's blog, Stephie. I'm in Tampa, Florida, and the site you made, stephs gonna win, is the only way that i can get day to day information on how that beautiful lady is doing. I just wanted to thank you for that. It puts my mind at ease that she has a great network of people around her that is so helpful and loving. I hope you don't mind, but your site is listed as one of my favorite blogs to visit. I just love it!!