Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's Electric!

I locked the kids out of the house today....ahem...I mean, I encouraged them to go jump on the trampoline in order to work off some of that excess energy that they seem to be full of this week. When I went out to replace Coco's clothing (including his diaper), here is what I found.

Gotta love the static!

We finally found a cheap pair of cowboy boots for Cohen's cowboy Woody costume. He isn't going to look exactly like Woody, because I was afraid to order the Disney costume online and they didn't have it in the store. Most likely he will just be a cowboy because I really want to paint on a mustache and beard, but I think it's cute when he says "Woody." Stay tuned for pictures of their costume parade on Thursday!

Also, please pray for our friend Brian and his family. Between someone stealing their truck on Monday morning, an emergency appendectomy for Brian on Monday evening, a house that needs to be finished this week (he is a contractor), and five sweet kids at home....they have their hands full! The good news is...they KNOW God is right there with them!

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Country Girl at Heart said...

This is Aubrey. I just wanted to say thanks for everything.