Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Grownup Christmas List

Oh how I LOVE fall! The drive to school right now is AMAZING! The colors are indescribable! My mom and I spent the morning together on Tuesday, which I LOVE and it got me all in the holiday spirit. I am so excited for Christmas this year I can hardly stand it. But I am also looking forward to everything in between. I have my beautiful children giggling their way through the days. I have my super hot husband walking in the door each day ready to take the giggling kiddos outside while I get dinner ready (in peace and quiet!). I have a father in Heaven who loves me and has blessed me infinitely. I have an insanely supportive family who make a habit of being totally awesome 99 percent of the time. And get ready to be in laws rock too! I guess what I am trying to say, is that I have all I ever need, right here.

But I also have this totally awesome family, including my husband, who love to have ideas for what to get me for Christmas. I have compiled a list of links here just for you! Please note, I am very much aware that I may get VERY few of these things, but that's why they call it a WISH list! So....

1. World Peace

2. A set of knives

3. Colander

4. Cookie sheets and cooling racks

5. Grater

6. Thermometer

7. Cutting Board

8. A four slice toaster...mine is very unpredictable and slightly possessed.

9. Nintendo DS

10. This one is for the boys in my life. Size Large/Real Tree please!

11. Under Armour socks. The exact ones my dad had that I ALMOST stole. (why am I such an honest person? I loved those socks!)

12. Two of these....

of course Claire and Cohen's names would be more appropriate.

13. One of THESE shirts....size XL I think. Should hide the "Christmas Pudge"

14. This book

15. Guitar Hero World Tour for the Wii

Okay, so I was just looking back over my list and realized...I AM OFFICIALLY A GROWN UP! But ooooh that list of stuff looks like so much fun! Happy shopping! ;-)

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