Monday, July 7, 2008

Is it November yet?

I said we are going on a trip in November. I left the details up to the husband because I really don't care where we go, I'm just looking forward to some rest and relaxation with my hunka burnin' love. He booked our vacation today and SURPRISED me with an upgrade. Here are a few pics of the room we will be staying in for a whole week!!!

The room. (Notice the goes to our rooftop balcony!)

The rooftop balcony.

The private pool on the balcony!!!

The only thing missing from these pictures is us!! I am still completely SHOCKED that MY husband decided to upgrade to this insane suite. He is always the conservative one when it comes to vacations but he said this may be our last vacation for a while without the kiddos. He has worked so hard and is doing so great at his job and I can't wait for an opportunity to celebrate with him! I am still trying to figure out how I am going to go a whole week without seeing my babies though. I saw in another pic that the mini bar in the room is stocked with candy, so that should help take my mind off of the kids! There isn't a lot in the world that a cold bag of M&M's can't fix! Shooot fire hunny, we're goin' on vacation!!!! YAHOOOOOO!


Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

OH I am so insanely jealious!!!!

How much fun will you be having!

woohoo for wonderful husbands!

momofmanysheep said...

Oh! So not fair! Care for a couple of stow-aways???

Have a BLAST! and take lots of pictures so we can live vicariously.

emily said...

can i go please? i promise you won't even know i'm there!!!

The Bowman Family said...

Wow Chrissy! That is awesome!!

kellyandamberbaby said...

That looks wonderful!!!