Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Rockin' Reindeer Review

Claire had her Christmas program last night. This is the first year that she actually participated. The first year, she stood there but that was it. Last year, we knew she wouldn't even stand there so we opted to go to a Lady Chiefs game instead! This year was her time to shine. We talked a lot about it and she was ready....until the day came. She kept telling me that she didn't want to go, but I could tell she was just testing me. But then she got pretty upset and revealed that she was really sad that Nanny couldn't be there. I told her I understood but I had something that might make her feel better. So we went to my jewelry box and got out a VERY special necklace. It was a gold cross that my Grammy gave me when Claire was born. It was my mom's when she was just a baby. She was very excited and off we went to her performance! Here's a picture before the show. I'm not sure what has gotten into her, but she is into posing these days! It's too cute!
I'm trying to get video posted, but it's not working. I'll keep trying!


Ashley said...

Adorable! Love the dress, love the hair, love those hands, love that little girl.

Anonymous said...

My sweet grandaughter,I love the way you write.Claire looked so beautiful!!! I was thrilled that I could hear that she had got to wear her Nanny's necklace. I am so blessed with the most wonderful children,grandchildren,and great grandchildren.Lot's of love and kisses!!!!Grammy

Rhonda said...

What a pretty little girl you have! I hope that you all have a Merry Christmas and we will have to try to get together the first of next year!
Happy Holidays!

Teri said...

Awww...she looks so grown up. How precious!