Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote for Claire!

In a previous post I mentioned that Claire and I would be having a "girls day" after a trip to the dentist. WRONG. Apparently the bright blue sharpie marker that said "Dentist" moved on my calendar. It's not until Thursday. However, we did make a special trip to the Jr. High to cast our vote in the 2008 presidential election. Claire was not as excited as I was, but someday I'm sure she will thank me for dragging her away from Drew and Cohen who were frolicking in the front yard when we left. My favorite part of the voting experience was when she said, in her OUTSIDE voice, "Don't forget to vote for John McCain MOM!" "Yes dear, I remember." Then she said, "Did you color in the dot for Sarah Ravencroft?" She and Drew have decided that they would rather refer to Sarah Palin as Sarah Ravencroft. I can't explain it. They probably got the name from the same far away place they got the word "cadoots." We don't know.

ANYWAY, I know two 4 year olds that will be very disappointed that we did not elect John McCain into office. (They have NO idea about anything except the names, and they decided on their own that they liked the name John McCain better. Unfortunately, I'm afraid that their decision process was just as complex as many adults.)But what a wonderful lesson about our civic duty. I hope that she remembers the day we voted in an election that will go down in history. I plan to tell Claire that he did not win but we did our part. Now our job is to pray for all of the people who are leading our country and be thankful that we are not in the upper tax bracket ;-)

I am currently watching Barack Obama give his victory speech. May God be with you President Obama. May he guide you in ALL of your decisions during your term in office.

What. A. Day.


Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

My kids were very disapointed this morning when they woke up and found out who won.

Oh well.

Keli said...

Big disapointment here too! All we can do is pray. God is in charge! : )

Your kids cracked me up with Sarah Ravencroft! hahaha