Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The glamourous life I lead...

Just the other day as I was checking my e-mail, the kids were playing together just a few feet away in the playroom. I was thinking to myself...."How sweet are they? They are just playing so well together!" Then I hear my little princess say "Oh Cohen, you took your diaper off!" Before I could get to them I heard her follow up with "OH COHEN! WHY DO YOU HAVE POOP ON YOUR FACE?!?!?" Yup, Poops McGee had taken his diaper off and then wiped his face!!! So gross. Oh, and the picture....that's him much later, after a bath enjoying some chocolate pudding. How many of you were gagging and questioning why I would actually take the time to get the camera to capture the image of my little man covered in dookie?!? Oh you underestimate me! Here is sister sledge getting in on the pudding festivities! (Sugar free of course!)


momofmanysheep said...

Ok. Now THAT was hilarious. Like I should have doubted you. Anything for a picture, right?


emily said...

too funny! any time the word poop comes out of the older siblings mouth when that older sibling is with a younger sibling . . . you can guarantee a . . . "you have got to be joking me!" moment!

claire looks like such a big girl in this picture . . . we are really struggling with how big dylan is starting look . . . not so little girlish anymore!! everyone is right when they say it goes so fast!