Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Results are in!

Well, after two years of pleading with 2 pediatricians and 4 pediatric specialists, we have our answer. Our sweet girl is insulin resistant. Here is the results we got on Monday.

Claire's chronological age= 4 years 1 month
Claire's bone age (the actual size of her bones)= 6 years 10 months

Normal insulin levels for a child her age= Less than 17
Claire's insulin levels= 41

SO what does this mean? Claire gets to take medication twice a day. For how long? I have no idea. We don't have another appointment with the endo doc until February unless we have problems with the meds. I wish I could tell you the name of the medication but I was driving when they called. I should have the medication in hand, but they never called it in yesterday (LIKE THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO!) which stinks. I was hoping to have at least 2 doses in her by tonight because they say it can cause some stomach issues and I was hoping to test it out on a day that she doesn't go to pre-school. So we may wait until this weekend to do it. Another thing is that the liquid form is MUCH more expensive than the pill form so not all insurance companies cover it. We have great insurance, but who knows.

We are glad to have a diagnosis. Although it's not exactly a jumping for joy moment, it is a relief to know that:

A. I'm not crazy.
B. I'm not vain for worrying about my child's weight gain. (I think she is perfect in every way, but I KNEW something wasn't right!!!)
C. What we are dealing with.
D. It's treatable.
E. It's not Type I diabetes.

So now, we wait to see what happens with the medication and hope that a spoonful of Splenda helps the medicine go down!


emily said...

i'm glad to hear you have a diagnosis and can move on to treating your adorable girl!!

Sheila said...

God is Awesome! (You're not so bad yourself "Mom"!

Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

That is great you have your answers.

I don't think you are vain at all to worry about your daughters weight, you were smart. You knew it wasn't a life style issue so you took it as a sign that something way wrong, and you were 100% correct. Way to go mama bear!

Our Glorious Days said...

The spoon full of Splenda totally cracked me up!