Saturday, May 10, 2008

Never too much

I was beginning to wonder what my limit was. On Sunday night Cohen woke up with a fever of 104.1 and having a VERY hard time breathing. I took him to the ER at about 11:00. I walked in and groaned because the place was PACKED! However, I was a little startled when the nurse took one look at Cohen and said, "He needs to go back now." Within 15 minutes we were talking to a doctor and he was being given a breathing treatment. 20 minutes later Cohen let out quite a scream and started crying and barking. The doc came in (rather quickly!) and said that the breathing treatment had not worked and we needed an x-ray. They took us down immediately and 10 minutes later the doc came in with the results. Croup. Yuck. His airway was only as wide as a coffee stirrer. Not a straw, a STIR STICK!!! He said that it would take about 8 hours for the steroid to kick in so they wanted to admit him because of the risk of his airway closing off! YIKES! We spent the night and were sent home at around 4 on Monday afternoon. He was VERY grumpy for the next day or so because of the medicine. It was NOT fun for anyone. Brian was out of town Wednesday night and Thursday night so I was flying solo. Wednesday night...Claire starts coughing so hard she throws up all over herself and her bed. She coughed and hacked all night so I kept her home from preschool on Thursday. We were both bummed because it was muffins with mom day. HOWEVER, God knew I was at my limit and He knew we should stay home. Why? Because at 10:00 am the preschool was in lockdown because someone was shot in the carwash next door. AAAAHHHHHHH! How foolish of me to even consider the fact that God would ever give me something I couldn't handle. HE knew that I wouldn't have been able to handle that situation on THAT day so HE took care of it! Thank you LORD for being so faithful!! So anyway, here are some new pics and a video of Cohen in the hospital. Grammy, pause the song that is playing so you can hear the conversation between Mom and Cohen! (just a tip!)

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kellyandamberbaby said...

awwwww...poor Cohen!! It must be going around because we rushed Sophie to the ER three weeks ago only to find out she had yucky old Croup! I hope both Claire and Cohen feel better soon!