Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Coco

Baby Bump #2

Don't worry, we actually took the tags off before he wore this outfit!

Playing in Nanny & Papa's "river"

Cohen's Dedication invites

5 Months on his most favorite quilt.

So here's a little about my sweet boy and what makes him so special to me.

Name: Cohen Wayne (his middle name is in honor of My Grandpa Giddens, Dad, Jarad and Hunter. It is in memory of John Lewis a very close friend of the family who passes away when I was young.)

Age: 1 year 6 months 25 days 11 hours and 23 minutes

Eyes: 2 blue ones

Hair: Blond curls (unless he just woke up...then it stands straight up.)


Food: "CaCake" (pancakes)

Drink: Sprite (yes, he gets sprite from time to time....go ahead and judge me!)

Game: It's a toss up between "turn off the t.v. while my sister is watching then laugh while she screams her head off" and "let's see how many times I can flush the potty before mommy ruins my fun."

Book: Baby Says

Sister: Claire

Friend: Mommy of course

Thing to do on a sunny day: Go outside

Thing to do on a rainy day: Go Outside

Thing to do when it is 10 degrees outside: Go outside

Song: If you're happy and you know it

Stuffed animal: Puppy or Rexy

His Story

When I suspected I was pregnant with Cohen we had only been trying for a few weeks. I woke up with a nosebleed and KNEW I was prego. Brian and I decided since he was the last to know with Claire, he would be the first to know with this one. So I peed on the stick and sprinted out of the bathroom. When he went in and looked he asked me how dark the second line had to be for me to be pregnant. BINGO! We were now the parents of 2! So I rushed out and bought a t-shirt and iron-on letters to make Claire a big sister shirt so we could start spreading the news. That was Friday. Saturday we told a few people and noticed Claire had a small rash. She woke us up in the middle of the night covered in a HORRIBLE rash and we rushed her to the ER. They admitted her and she was there for a few days. We never figured out what it was. Guess we should have taken her to the ER in Kansas City. No sooner had we walked through the door and I started feeling awful. I became terribly ill and was in a really bad mental state. It took about a month to get to feeling better and get my emotions in check. After that, I was convinced that it was a boy and NO ONE could tell me different! We went for the ultrasound and of course...I was right! We celebrated our 4th anniversary in Labor & Delivery because I was having very strong and regular contractions. I went back again about a month later and then again September 1oth. That time they kept me and I was in labor all night. They came in and stopped my labor and told me that the baby was around 7 & 1/2 pounds (give or take 2 lbs.) and I could go anytime now. So we rushed around and got pics taken of our family and the belly. We had a shower that Kristen and Delphia threw for me that was wonderful! The only thing is, I had contractions through the whole thing and was just sure I was going to have him the night of my shower. Nope. So a few nights later, we walked...and walked...and walked. All I could think of was this 7 &1/2 to 9 & 1/2 pound baby in my womb that was getting bigger by the minute and I was on a mission! BUT, I got tired and hungry and gave up. "Forget it. Let's just go eat at Lamberts. I want meatloaf. I'll have this baby another day." So I stuffed myself went home and got in bed....hmmmmm.....yup! Time to go! At about midnight we went to Labor and Delivery (4th time's a charm!) and they checked me. I was at t 6! Awww yeah, epidural time! Meanwhile, my contractions didn't hurt. But I was too chicken to risk not getting the epidural. My water wouldn't break on it's own and the doc on call didn't want to get out of bed to do it, so I waited until the next morning. Dr. McCall broke my water and 13 minutes later I was holding my big blue baby boy! He came out so fast he was bruised ALL over. I heard a "crunch" when he came out but we all assumed it was my tailbone. Wrong. It was my poor baby's collar bone breaking in half! It healed itself and never really caused him a lot of trouble but I am convinced it is why he wouldn't eat. This was why when he was 1 week old they put him back in the hospital for....are you ready for this? "Failure to thrive." Yes, my little boy that weighed 36 pounds at the age of 1 was labeled "FAILURE TO THRIVE." He had me worried for a few days but on his due date, he woke up and started eating like a champ! He has slept all night since he was about a month old and was such an easy baby.

Now he is a little more work, what with the walking and all. He doesn't talk much but knows the important words cookie, cake and night night. (he knows a few more just isn't as passionate about them!) I mean do you really need anything else? He signs some words which has been really helpful as one of them is "more"!! He recently got bumped up to a size 10 shoe which was quite a shock for this mommy who had him in size eights. For those who don't know, I am up for mother of the year. (please note the hint of sarcasm.) He hates to shop. This is a problem, but we are adjusting. When I say "we" I mean, "I" and I mean I'm not shopping much these days! (I love walking the aisles of Target with my mom! We may or may not buy a thing, but it's therapeutic!) He loves a good massage ("shhaaaaaaaa!" he says while rubbing his belly.) He likes to lick the Baby Magic off his feet after his "shhaaaaa!" He loves his "cakey" which is his blanket. Any blanket will do, as long as he has one when he gets sleepy, he's good to go. He can eat 3 bananas in one sitting. He is my junk food junkie. He likes to sweep the floor. He can dance like no other. He won't watch TV although "Bob the Builder" is looking promising these days!

Above all, he is my little lovebug. I've never seen a boy (besides his Daddy) who loves to cuddle soooo much! He never gets up in the middle of the night, but on the rare occasion he does....I eat it up!!! I love to cuddle up with him when it's quiet and just us. God has blessed me indeed.
I love you little dude. I didn't know what this family was missing until the day you were born!

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