Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day #13

Today Brian and I celebrated our 13th Valentine's Day together! I was laying in bed this afternoon nursing a TERRIBLE migraine headache while Brian had Cohen outside playing. Claire was at Nanny & Papa's house and our power had gone out for a bit and it was SILENT. I couldn't help but think about our first V-day together.

It was 1996 and we were Sophomores in high school. Brian had been sick that day so I was totally bummed. I had finally managed to nab THE Brian George! He was finally MY VALENTINE and he was at home. Sick. In Bed. BUT, he sent his mom over with my gift. Little did I know that she would be my mother-in-law and the grandmother to my children! She brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a teddy bear and a picture frame. I think there was some other stuff, but that's not what stands out. I remember the exact feeling that I had as I sat in my room and looked at those flowers. Since 7th grade I had been "in loooove" with that boy and I was sitting there looking at flowers that he sent me! For years I wished that he would finally see me as something besides just a friend. It is wierd to look back and think about all of that. It's amazing that a Jr. High crush could turn into a beautiful life full of love, laughter, children and friendship!

The next year was very different. There was a school dance that night but we opted out. It was the ONE dance of 13 that I didn't go to! Things had changed in my life. A few months before, October of 1996, I was involved in a very serious car accident. My best friend Kim and I were unharmed because there was an angel there that night. We were spared, but 2 of the 3 young girls in the other car were not. It was a night that changed my life forever. I went through a serious bout with depression over the next few months so a high school dance wasn't something that was on the top of my list! I was afraid to leave my loved ones for fear that I may never see them again. I spent the evening at a basketball game cheering on my big bad boyfriend and then we may have watched a movie or something but pretty uneventful!

#3 has left my memory completely. This is why we have an anniversary book that my mom got us for our first anniversary to write down what we do every year. BY FAR the best anniversary gift we have ever gotten because it's so easy to forget the little moments!

#4 was nice because we were "getting back together" after a SHORT but very valuable break-up. It was a time of growth for both of us. We decided that we were better off together! My gift was a jewelry box that played "I Can't Help Falling in Love" by Elvis. (This will later be the song that our wedding party walks into played on the piano by the talented Uncle James!)

#5 & #6 Again, it's left me.

#7 was a very exciting one! This year, wedding plans were in full swing! I remember being sick sitting in bed watching all of my chick flicks of the year.."The Wedding Planner" "My Best Friend's Wedding" get the drift!

#8 2003 our first Valentine's Day as a married couple! We went to Kansas City and stayed downtown. We shopped for a while but it was FREEZING! So we decided to enjoy our super nice hotel room and order room service and a movie.

#9 2004 We went back to KC and stayed near the Plaza this time. I was sitting in an ice cream shop resting my tired feet when something happened for the first time. I heard a voice say, "how far along are you?" HOORAY! Someone had finally noticed that I was carrying our first child! I was 4 months along and was sooooo proud of my baby bump.

#10 2005 We spent the night in while Grandma Connie watched the little one. It was a very relaxing and quiet evening. This would be the first (and possibly last) time that we used our wedding china.

#11 2006 OOOHHHH this was a bad one. We had made plans to go to KC and eat at....ummm I think it was Capital Grille. Supposed to be great steak. Well, I had mashed potatoes and sprite because I threw up ALL the way there. I fell into the super comfy bed and only got out for dinner. It wasn't pretty but it was worth it because 7 months later we had our perfect BIG baby boy!

#12 2007. Neither Brian or I can remember what we did last year. Is that sad or what? We decided it must have been really impressive!

So now here we are! We went to dinner and a movie on Saturday because we think fighting the crowds on this one night is annoying. My hubby did surprise me with a certificate for a massage this morning!!! I can't wait to schedule it! He's getting a homemade apple pie! Just a little look back at our history! I hope everyone had a great day!

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The Bowman Family said...

Wow! I am very impressed! Sadly, I only remeber our first Valentine's Day and this one. The anniversary book is a great idea. I should start journaling our special days.