Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pancakes with Pop!

Claire and Daddy before School!!!

This morning was "Pancakes with Pop" at school. Claire was excited for Daddy to take her to school and she wasn't exactly pleased to see him go. My mom said that when they dropped Drew off, he was very aware that the day wasn't a normal day so he started to panic. Claire instantly sensed this and started telling him, "Now Drew, it's going to be okay." She comforted him and even did her impression of a bull in order to put a smile on his face. I couldn't be more proud of my girl if I tried! Don't get me wrong....she keeps me HUMBLE! But man I love her!

I used the opportunity to spend some quality time with my little boy. We played with the train table, read some books and even squeezed in a little Baby Yoga! I find that I don't spend near as much one on one time with Cohen as I would like, but I have learned to TREASURE the moments I get with my little man. I love his little personality. My favorite book to read with him is "Hug." It is a picture book about a monkey who sees all kinds of animals hugging their mommys. He goes to each set of animals and asks, "HUG?" Then at the end he finds his mom and they live happily ever after. Every single time I read the word "hug" Cohen throws his arms around me and lays his head on my chest! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! He is such a sweet little soul.

Here is a picture of him eating a new grilled cheese recipe I got from my "Deceptively Delicious" cookbook. (Thanks Uncle Broshus and Aunt Scotti!) It is full of recipes that use vegetable and fruit purees in order to sneak in extra vitamins and nutrients. Cohen LOVED this new sandwich! Claire on the other hand asked me if I had burnt it. I said, "No, why?" She said,"Well, is that why it tastes so bad?" What is crazy is she is my GOOD eater! She loves fruits and veggies...apparently just not on her grilled cheese sandwiches!

And Grammy, this pic is for you!!! Cohen has CURLY hair! It is usually straight when he gets up in the morning after sleeping on it but after baths....it is crazy curly! It is fine and blonde like mine was but he's got his Daddy's curls! He's gonna need his first haircut but we will wait for Grammy. She gave Claire her first haircut at 8 weeks and believe it or not, she needed it! All this Grammy talk makes me miss her. Love you Grammy!!!!!

If you don't watch Ellen, you won't get this. If you do....this is Claire's impression of the "marshmallow game." Tune in to Ellen tomorrow if you want to see what I'm talking about. They play the game everyday and it is hilarious!

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