Saturday, April 2, 2011

Father Daughter Dance

Last night was Claire's second Father Daughter Dance at school. I just LOVE this event. All the girls get dressed up and everyone makes a huge fuss over them. I love it. Here are just a few pics from the night.

I cropped this one because my blog is public, and I wasn't sure where everyone stood on having their child's picture on here!! Claire looked so precious, but was still comfortable which is key at our house. This was actually the picture with all eight of the dads standing behind all of their girls! I have to say, it was such a special moment. I just looked at all those proud dads and felt so blessed. I am so thankful for Big Daddy and what he means to our family.

Right before I snapped this picture, Big Daddy had a sweet little moment with Claire. He is SO sweet with her and there is NO denying she is a daddy's girl!

Like I said, there aren't many photos without the other girls in them! Claire would NOT let me take pictures of her for some reason! I had to get most of mine when the whole group was posing! It was a great night and all the girls had a wonderful time!

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