Wednesday, February 16, 2011

First Game.

The torch has been passed. Cohen started playing basketball. And let me say, he started with a bang!! The first play of the game, he took off and scored the first basket of the season...and of his life!

By complete chance, his jersey (the only size medium) was number 34. This number is special because 34 was Big Daddy's number in high school and college. Cohen was SO EXCITED!!!

Our littles...Levi (31), Cohen (34) and Livi (33), were very excited to be in a real live huddle!

This was such a fun morning. A little emotional at times because Levi's momma should have been there to watch his very first game. However, I'm sure she was watching from Heaven and I know she was so thankful to Coach Melody and Coach Lori for taking the time to coach their team.

I was so proud of my guy. The best part, he is actually EXCITED about basketball. We are trying to be very careful about burning the kids out at a young age, but it doesn't look like that will be a problem for Mr. Coco!! We were ALL proud of him...but I don't think anyone was as proud as Big Daddy.

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