Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas in pictures.

Christmas usually starts like this....
We drag out the Christmas decor.

Once the decorations were up we headed to the tree farm and picked our tree. This was our first year to do this and we decided it will be a new tradition for us! We decided on this one and gave her a special name based on the INSANE wind that day.
We tied her to the top and headed home!
We decorated her...using Big Daddy to reach the top of the 8 foot tree!

Introducing WENDY the Christmas Tree!!!!

This guy never gets too excited.
Picked the perfect day to go to SDC with Grandma.

My parents surprised my nephew Hunter with a new (to him) TRUCK!!!

Claire lost her front teeth!
The littles had their Christmas program at school and sang their little hearts out!
We made cookies for Santa....
and a gingerbread house, with a ladder....well at least half of one.
Santa came....
the kids were excited!

And a few days after Christmas, we met this handsome guy for the first time!!! Cohen LOVED holding him and he was SUCH a sweetie pie!! Visiting with his parents was pretty fun too!!

I think I did a good job of keeping things normal for the kids. We decorated and continued on with all of our traditions...but my heart was not in it. I know Steph would be TICKED at me for letting her absence affect my holiday the way it did, but I just could NOT snap out of it. It was hard, but we made it and now we are on to a new year. 2011 is going to be better. It just has to be!

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Teri said...

My heart melts looking at the pictures of your kids. I miss you girlie. HUGS!