Thursday, June 10, 2010

Please Forgive Me.

As you know, we are struggling through a very rough time right now. You can read a little about it HERE. I just thought I knew what a broken heart felt like. Well, I DO know now...and it sucks. I am writing tonight to forewarn you all. I am all over the place right now. My mind is going 90 to nothing. My heart hurts. My body is doing fine because my mom, our friend Shelley and I have devoted ourselves to at least 3 workouts a week with an awesome trainer. I have two goals right now. First, I am determined to keep my kids lives as normal as possible. Second, I will be serving the Phillips family when they need me. I usually get the fun part, I get those sweet boys. That is pretty much all I can do right now. So here is my disclaimer.

If you call, I may not answer. Leave a voicemail and I will get it. (For example, Sheila, I got your voicemail and smiled with your "Pretty Woman" reference.) If it's an emergency keep calling. Text me. I love texting.

I will most likely become a very terrible friend/family member. Please forgive me.

Feel free to stop by anytime...just don't be surprised if you find me and my children still in our pajamas, crumbs on the floor, toys and shoes ALL over.

I forget stuff all the time. Just remember that.

Most importantly...please pray for our family. Pray for a miracle. Thank you a million times.


Brooks said...

I don't know you that well Chrissy, but I'm almost certain you don't have an ounce of "bad friend" in your body. For as long as I've read your blog (which is recent I have to say, but I knew you were a great person after the first entry) all I could think of is wow, this girl, she's SOMETHING, this family, they are STRONG, and the way you care for your friend, and the things you do for Steph, and her family, makes you not a bad friend, but an AMAZING PERSON who's faith in God has made me a better christian, and has touched the people around you, more than you know! Im praying for a miracle, and they happen, maybe not everyday, but that's what makes them so special! I'm proud to say I know you, even if it's just thru FB :) GOD IS GOOD!

Sheila said...

Oh Chrissy! Your heart is so beautiful...Big, HUGE! I just know God has chosen you to take care of those little ones right now, you are just what they need! Sending you tons of Hugs, kisses, and as always a Million Prayers!! I love you!

Lee Ann & Larry said...

Praying for a miracle! I know all too well what this feels like!
"God is bigger than Cancer!"

Lee Ann Durbin

Summer Sowers said...

I love you, dear friend! And I miss you. But right now, there are more important people that need you in their life. God placed you in the life of those you come in daily contact for a reason. Brooks, I can assure you, there isn't an ounce of "bad friend" in this girl anywhere. She has been my best friend for twelve years and I thank God for her friendship every day. I can vouch for her family as well. LOVE THEM. You have never met better people. I am still praying for all of you. God IS bigger than cancer! Know that I am always here to talk if you need me and help in anyway that I can. I love you, dear friend!!