Saturday, October 24, 2009

This morning.

I'm sitting on my couch. in a clean house...well, the parts we live in are clean. I'm looking at this.

Big Daddy is playing golf.

The kids are with Grandma headed to the pumpkin patch.

It is silent except for the buzzing of the neighbor's weed eater, the ticking of the clock and the tapping of my fingers on the keys.
I am enjoying a very peaceful moment drinking my coffee before I head downstairs to tackle a heap of laundry that is, NO KIDDING, chest high. But I found myself thinking about the day when mornings like this will be the norm. My children will be grown and I will have a lot of mornings like this. And I know, when that day comes, I will miss the sounds of my kids running through screaming wildly as they play together. I will miss mornings like that far more than I long for the quiet ones now. But today, I really needed this!!! Happy Saturday!

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