Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dream a little dream.

My friend Emily asked in HER blog, "What do you dream about?" Here's what I've been dreaming of lately...besides the obvious cure for cancer.

I've been dreaming about grilling out in this backyard.

Teaching Claire to ride her bike with no training wheels in this driveway.

Painting this room turquoise to match a rainbow quilt.

Making this our master suite.

Preparing meals for my family and friends in this kitchen.

Having coffee on this screened in porch on crisp fall mornings.

Watching my kids come down these stairs on Christmas morning!

That's what I've been dreaming about lately. Can you guess why??


Andi said...

Did u buy this house? Its absolutely gorgeous and huge if so!!!

Rhonda said...

Gorgeous! Your kitchen is to die for!! How exciting! We will HAVE to have a play date at your house when you get settled! Congrats!

Teri said...

We live in a house this size for a year. (It was a spec that Brian built in Arizona.) I loved the size and space. And especially loved the central vac. But I loathed cleaning all of the bathrooms. That was when I started hiring someone to clean any solid surface in my home. It was WORTH it. Now I get excited about just having to clean two bathrooms.


Emily said...

Wow Chrissy, your new house is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Congratulations!!!!

Jessica said...

Can Orrin and I move in? I think all four of us could easily fit in that master suite! I'm sure Big Daddy wouldn't mind!

emily said...

it's beautiful chrissy!!!

Anonymous said...

You forgot a picture of the bathroom where I dream of spending my time. Love you

Chrissy said...

Anonymous...aka...BIG DADDY, you are a dork. The dork that I love.