Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Big Daddy...the romantic

Thirteen years ago today I spent an evening with my boyfriend. I remember sitting by our pool just talking about anything and everything. When he drove away that night in his 1987 Chrysler Le Baron (which we pronounced with a thick French accent just for fun) something felt different. "I love you" was a phrase I used a lot, and still do! We had said it to each other plenty, but on this particular night...I FELT it like I never had before. I still don't know what made this night any different from the others. All I know is I went in the house and poured my heart out in a note to my sweet boy toy.

Fast forward to July 8, 2001. I went on our annual trip to Pensacola Beach with the SAME boyfriend, my family, the Roberts family, the Prine/Beasley family, the Williams family (as well as Neile Hite and Kelly Weber!), the Langhofer's and our Louisiana gang. My boyfriend and I had BIG plans to build a super awesome sand castle after lunch. My mom and I headed to the Boardwalk because she insisted on buying me a new swimsuit. Of course, I was happy to take her up on the offer. We came back to the condo and had a sandwich. Everyone was REALLY getting on my nerves. My brother insisted that I make him a sandwich. Seriously?? Get it yourself DUDE! I was ready to head to the beach. Then my little bro wanted me to wait with him while he ate his sandwich. Really?? "Isn't that why you brought your girlfriend?" I snapped. As I made my way to the pool, the girls were insisting that I float with them a while in the pool. "I CAN SWIM IN A POOL AT HOME!! I want to go to the BEACH FOR SOBBING OUT LOUD!!"

FINALLY, I made it to the beach. I didn't think a single thing about the fact that my dad had a video camera in his hand. Didn't even notice that everyone on the beach was looking at me. I was ready to build my super duper sandcastle. My helpful brother decided to tell me that he recently read in Playboy the best way to build a sandcastle was to dig a hole first. Hey, if it's in must be I started digging. I hit something. It looked like a plastic bag so I didn't want to touch it. You see, at the time I worked at a drug and alcohol rehab and became very suspicious of anything in a plastic bag. But my boyfriend, who in case you haven't figured it out yet was Big Daddy, convinced me to dig some more. I pulled the bag up and noticed my picture. It was a beautiful jewelry box with our picture on the front. I pulled it out and opened it. Inside was a little blue ring box...inside the box was the most beautiful engagement ring I'd ever seen! I could NOT believe my eyes!! I looked up and saw my handsome prince on his knees (not just one...I guess he thought he was going to have to beg!) asking me to be his wife! Obviously you know what the answer was! To sweeten the deal, he told me that the sweet little blue box was the same box that his Grandpa Davidson used to propose to Grandma! the bottom of the jewelry box was a note. As I opened it up I was confused because it was my handwriting. It was the note I wrote when we were in high school telling him that he was my ONE and ONLY! Be still my heart!! Our dear friend Dan bought all the champagne from the little store on the beach and we all had a toast on the beach! If you know Marv, you know he had the perfect toast! I spent the remainder of the vacation looking through brides magazines that my mom hid in the luggage and admiring the new fixture on my left hand...and of course lovin' on Big Daddy!

Apparently, everyone was trying to stall me because Big Daddy had not buried the "treasure" yet! Way to go guys! Especially my little bro, he really took some heat from me that afternoon!


emily said...

i remember it like it was yesterday!!! doesn't seem like it's possible for it to be 8 years ago!!!

Teri said... sweet. I didn't know that story. Love the picture too.