Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Big Daddy

Last night was the welcome dinner for all of the Glamour prize winners. Mr. Gower had a slideshow prepared of all of the recipients this year and a little bit about each one. I was so proud of Big Daddy as the president of sales talked about what a great year he has had. He talked about how the midwest region has been one of the hardest hit in the current economy and it is "REMARKABLE" how well Brian has done this year. I couldn't have been more proud. He has worked SO hard to get here and WE are truly enjoying the fruits of his labor! Way to go BD!!

And yes, I will be holding a clinic today on how to apply sunscreen!! As our friend Rob said on facebook, "Who ordered the lobster bisque?!" Also, pay no attention to my bad hair. It was raining quite hard and did a number on the do.


Anonymous said...

Grammy is so proud of you two. Red face,messy hair you both looked great to me!!!!

Nanny said...

Brian is making a huge impact on his little boy by example and many kind words from YOU! He told me yesterday when he and Levi were driving around in the little tike cars (Cohen always wants the pink one!)that they were going to Walmart (we probably need to talk about that) and that he needed to go to work like Daddy does so he can make money! Adorable!!