Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Dad's Office

I got this picture today from my dad titled "My Office Today." My first instinct was to be insanely jealous!! But 99% of me is so thankful that my parents are getting a chance to vacation together and recharge. My dad has been working so hard lately after his two biggest competitors closed their doors. He distributes magazines and basically the "big guys" made a monumental mistake by agreeing to do business the Wal-mart way. He has been fielding phone calls for weeks now and raking in new business. I just can't tell you how proud I am of him. My most favorite part was the part when he told the Wal-mart guys to find someone else unless they wanted to do it the FAIR way! This means that many people in this area will keep their jobs, some people may get new jobs and stores will get their periodicals without having to pay more! Way to go Dad!! Here is a video just for you. It's a little "slapstick" but I thought you might like it!

Don't worry mom! Everyone knows that behind every great and successful man...there is a woman behind the scenes doing more than her share!!! I am so thankful they are enjoying each other and recharging this week!! Love you both!!!


Anonymous said...

Chrissy,I was thrilled to hear your news on your parent's. I too hope they are doing a lot of resting!! They both are such loving,caring people and do so much for so many. I am so proud of all of you, kiss my great-grandchildren for me.Love you,Grammy

Our Glorious Days said...

My children sing this song EVERYDAY and I am not even kidding!