Thursday, January 15, 2009

WIDOCV (part 7...I think)

I got this idea from Miss Kati and decided to try it. It was easy and fun, and the kids always love crafting. In case you need clarification, these are homemade ornaments. I did a few (the stocking, tree and round ornament) and Claire did quite a few. Cohen did all the brown ones. What on earth made me give him the brown paint, I will never know.....but everyone needs Christmas poo hanging on the tree.

By the way, he had PB&J for lunch!
My sweet girl. (I love Cohen in the background working so hard!) Oh Dana, You can't tell but Claire is wearing the Strawberry Shortcake shirt that our moms got us for Christmas one year. Funny, I just remembered that the shirt says "Sweet Girl!"
Cookies with Nanny and Grandma (and Papa too!)
Three years ago we started this tradition. Our first year we captured the "Christmas toot" video and you can hear Coco in the background making new baby noises. Our second year, Coco was a big helper. This year Miss Livi joined the ranks. She feasted on pretzels and a few M&M's and had a great time!
Cookie dough and Cousins.
Testing the pretzels.
Love this.
Rudolph cookies before they were baked.
Loving instructions from Grandma Connie.
The finished product.
This picture is blurry but as you can see, my mom got a better one! I just couldn't resist putting this up because....seriously? Could he be any sweeter?


Anonymous said...

How sweet, How sweet!!!!!
Sure wish I lived closer so I could see them more often. But this is almost like being there.They are so beautiful!I love the way you write!!!!Hug's and kisses! Grammy

Our Glorious Days said...

Christmas Poo.. I love it! Sooo glad you guys had fun, aren't those great?