Friday, December 12, 2008

Rockin' around the Christmas Tree.

Somewhere across town there is a beautiful house full of people I love. They are eating delicious food made by my favorite cake lady/caterer. (Hi Belinda!) They are all looking fabulous, swapping stories of their children who are all home with relatives no doubt being spoiled just a teensy bit. They are admiring my handsome husband wearing his new shirt in which he looks....might I

Where am I you ask? Why would I miss such a wonderful evening? What am I doing on my couch wearing my favorite pair of PJ pants and my Heritage Books T-shirt? Why did I just eat a foot long coney from Sonic and chase it down with cheesecake bites? Well.....someone here needed me.

Little mister has been throwing up all evening. (I still am amazed that I can take a pic with my cell phone and a few clicks and 10 seconds later, it is here on my blog. Amazing.) So we are watching Frosty Returns and cuddling on the couch. Well, I'm blogging at the moment and the Tivo just switched to "The Flight Before Christmas" but you get the point.
Big Daddy was granted immunity from this evening of vomit, sweat and shakes. Why? Because I'm so nice. And because he hasn't seen his friends in so long! He has been working SO hard and I really hope he has a wonderful time. Truth be told, I'm pretty happy right where I am. All of you moms out there know that a sick baby, however sad it may be, equals a really cuddly baby. So don't feel too sorry for me!
There's a party going on out there, but the only rockin' I'll be doing tonight is with my baby boy.
Feel better soon Mr. Coco!


Nanny said...

I'm so glad we were able to wisk away Claire for the evening! A little alone time with the little/big guy is just what the doctor ordered! Oh yeah, I didn't even care that he puked on me twice.....

Nicole said...

I hope that he is better soon! I have been there and hope to not do it any time soon! Love YA!

Auntie She said...

Once again we had the same things on our minds! Garrett and I have been home since Thursday and spent last night snuggled up watching Frosty! I hope CoCo is better soon!Give him kisses from me!

Our Glorious Days said...

And what kind of phone do you have? Don't tell me it is an iPhone, I will be totally jealous!