Sunday, November 9, 2008

Since when?

Claire and I went to the mall on Saturday after a REALLY fun party for THIS cute little guy! We ate at the food court and then walked around pointing out things that she wanted on her Christmas list. (Most of which she will never remember when it comes time to put pen to paper!) As our little adventure concluded I found myself pondering the following things.

Since when did it become acceptable to use the "F word" freely?
I was horrified when a kid walked by our table and used it TWICE in passing! Not because he was yelling or mad at someone (not that it would make it any better) but just in conversation!

Since when did it become fashionable to wear socks with flip flops?

Since when did "soft porn" become a specialty at Glamour Shots?
We walked by and saw the giant flat screen displaying a woman's photos that were just taken. Really? I'm talking lingerie, red lipstick and a cat-like pose to boot! YIKES!

Since when did string bikini underwear and semi-thongs become appropriate for SIX year olds!
Claire pointed out a pair of cute little undies that had a monkey on them. I picked them up to reveal strings on the sides and not much in the back! I checked the size because I was sure they had just been misplaced. WRONG! 6x was the size! Ugh.

Since when do people pay $198 for a pair of jeans?
Just think how many mouths we could feed with that kind of money! We could give four whole families a Thanksgiving dinner! I'm thinking those jeans better wash themselves, massage the cellulite off my thighs, exercise for me and be lined in gold!

Am I getting old and out of touch? Or has being a mother just heightened my senses?


Teri said...

Just wait momma, it only gets worse. Before you know it, you won't let your children go in the mall, video stores, etc. Then you'll start canning, baking their bread and homeschooling them. And all your friends will think you are wierd and over-protective. And it ALL started at the mall with a (6X) thong!

emily said...

exactly the reasons i have informed my girls that they are not to grow anymore!! unfortunately they weren't too keen on the idea!

Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

I especially hate the sexualising (sp??) of our little girls!

Our Glorious Days said...

Ha! Teri, you totally crack me up... but you are totally right. Wisdom is such a blessing.

Great post Chrissy.