Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I get seasick.

Do you ever feel like things are just sailing along so smoothly only to find a huge wave lurking just over the horizon? Well, we are looking straight down the business end of a big wave. After Steph's appointment with her new oncologist in Houston, she called my mom. "How do you feel about more chemo?" My dear mother replied, "Well, I sure have missed that quality bonding time we used to have!" Steph didn't share her enthusiasm but appreciated it nonetheless. As I posted on her blog, there is more cancer on or near her ovary. Ugh. Monday will bring the beginning of another round of chemo, fanny pack and all. As the doctor said on Monday, "This is a marathon, not a sprint." Not what we wanted to hear. I can't put myself in her shoes. (I have freakishly huge feet anyway so it's just not an option.) But I will turn my eyes to the Lord and pray with all my might and trust that God remembers that I get seasick.

I have a few posts lined up from this weekend and can't wait to share some wonderful pictures, but right now...I'm exhausted. So goodnight, and please pray for my best good friend. (yes, I meant to say best good friend!)

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Jessica said...

I'm praying for her Chrissy!!! Sending big hugs your way, and can't wait to see you Sunday. :)