Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall Fun

One of the things I LOVE about living in the Midwest, is that we get ALL the seasons. I have to say that fall and spring are my two favorites! Fall around here is absolutely beautiful with the changing leaves and crisp sunny days. It is not cold enough right now to turn on the heat so I love to get up in the morning and turn the fireplace on. The kids cuddle up in front of it and eat breakfast while catching the latest installment of Magic School Bus or "Trucks" (Bigfoot presents Meteor on TLC). The smell of cinnamon rolls and my morning coffee filled the air this morning as Brian and I sat in our chairs and shared the love and the sweets with our babies. Then it was downstairs to turn on the fireplace down there and get in some serious relaxing! Brian watched "Whitetail Freaks" (oh the joys of deer season fast approaching!) while the kids played cars and tea party. During commercials he read our collection of fall books with the little ones. As I sat and worked away at the sewing machine on Claire's blanket I am making, I stopped and took it all in. I am blessed. I stand amazed at what God has bestowed upon me. I am a walking testimony of how wonderful life can be if you give your heart and your life to the Lord. It's a great place to be, and I give all the glory to Him. Here are a few pictures of the past week around our house!

Bath time tonight! Betcha wanna kiss those cheeks!
Warming his sweet little hands!

A warm fire, and a full moon!

Who wouldn't want to love on this little girl?

This is how we decorated our pumpkins this year!

Me and Claire at the Fall party at school.

They did face painting and she insisted on a spider....on her nose. That's my girl!

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