Saturday, February 2, 2008


Claire and I went out during Cohen's nap and built a snowman!! I can't tell you when I last built a snowman. And honestly I have never built one where you actually make a ball and roll it until it gets bigger. The snow was perfect and packed really well. So here is a tribute to Daddy! He is sporting an SMS jersey. Not because we are fans anymore but because he played there once upon a time! He's wearing an Ozark News hat (Thanks Papa!), his eyes are the caps to the milk bottles, carrot nose, mouth of conversation hearts, spatula arms and Cohen's mittens!

Cohen loved the snow! When it first started coming down we were on our way to take Claire to school. When we got out he was reaching for it and trying to catch it in is mouth! He played a little outside but he wouldn't keep mittens on and his little hands were FREEZING!

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The Bowman Family said...

How fun! What a creative snowman! I know about the mittens... Clay finally kept his mittens on because I told him we were not going outside if he didn't, but he was more concerned that he couldn't maneuver his fingers in his mittens than he was about enjoying the snow:)