Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Here's a little run down of our day.

9:00 am--Leave Nanny and Papa's house. DVD player and Shrek going strong.
9:15 am--Get gas and go through Sonic. (Mommy and Nanny need fuel too!)
9:30am--Check temp outside.....65 DEGREES!!!! Head out of town.
10:30am--Notice it's getting a little weird looking to the north, check temp.....52 degrees
10:40am--Crank up heat, check temp again....42.
10:45am--Get advice from Papa, find out Papa is in West Plains where it is currently 75 and they are calling for tornadoes and hail!
11am--Check temp....32.
12 noon--We have snow! Papa calls....get more advice (poor Papa was worried sick!) Get on 71 North and pray for the best!
12:10pm--Claire gets carsick and throws up all over herself, Froggy, Woody and the car. Claire then tells Nanny, "Nanny, I was just gettin' ready to tell ya to pull over so I could throw up."
12:15pm--Watch crazy drivers slide all over, visibility reduced to about 15 feet, wind blowing like crazy and we really don't know EXACTLY where we are going.
12:30pm--Pull into Children's Mercy (2 hours early) and thank God that we got there safely. Check temp--19 degrees, Change Claire's clothes (thankfully I took an extra set of clothes....minus underwear!), find a bathroom, go, bathe Froggy and Woody in the sink, find the office, get checked in and plop down in a chair...(BIG SIGH!!!)

The appointment went great. I was VERY pleased with our doctors. They were wonderful and sweet and listened to everything I had to say. They assured me that I was completely right to be concerned and that there were in fact issues that needed to be addressed. So here is the deal. They sent us over to get another "bone age study" which is just an X-Ray of her hand and we will get those results back soon. We are then going to schedule an ultrasound that can be done in Springfield. They will check her ovaries and uterus and will be able to tell if anything is maturing that shouldn't be. The last thing they want to do is an MRI to rule out any tumors or growths on or near her pituitary gland. She said that this should be done because of Brian's history. We will then follow up with her every 6 months. The best part is that they come to Springfield one day each month so we will be able to see them here rather than make the trip to KC. We do have to go up for the MRI which I'm okay with because it is a great hospital with the kids best interest in mind. They didn't seem to think there is anything to be concerned about right at this moment but they do feel it's necessary to move forward and start ruling things out.

Claire was such a big girl and I couldn't be more proud of how brave she was!!!!! So there is the medical stuff. I will post more fun stuff later, but for now.....I'm pooped!


momofmanysheep said...

Awesome report. Throw up? Of course, what did you expect!? Wheeee, what a ride!

The Bowman Family said...

We had to take Clay to a children's hospital when he was 6 months. They are awesome! We will be praying for a good report. And, yes you motivated me...I now have a blogspot. It's fun!