Saturday, January 26, 2008

Thanks again!!

Thank you again to my WONDERFUL husband! He got up with the kids and kept them out of our room so I could catch a few extra winks this morning!!! When I woke up and the clock said 9:45, I thought I had either went to sleep and woke up in Heaven or one of the kiddos had changed the clock! I feel rested and refreshed and I'm looking forward to spending the evening at home with my family and my FAVORITE LITTLE NIECE! Claire has agreed to help me babysit tonight and I think she will do a wonderful job. I'm making spaghetti (my sauce is Brian's favorite) and I'm thinking we may watch a movie. Life is good. Then I get to serve in the nursery tomorrow at church and we have life groups which always gets me ready for a new week. (A week in which I will be headed to Arkansas with Brian and Claire to FINALLY see my best friend's pregnant belly!!!!!) It's a good day and I can't believe how blessed I am.

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