Thursday, January 24, 2008

Family Night Out!

I want to say THANK YOU to my sweet dear husband who noticed that I have been a little frazzled lately. I haven't left the house much lately and neither have the kids. Unless of course you count trips to the doctor or to get pictures taken, neither of which are enjoyable to me! Brian decided that we were all a little tired of looking at each other and took matters into his own hands! He called yesterday and said, "Get the kids ready! When I get home we are going to Splash Country!" I protested of course. "It's too cold. I haven't showered in two days. I haven't shaved in 2 weeks!" He assured me that I would be fine and told me just to get ready. I managed to squeeze in a quick shower and shave and was ready to go when he got home. Despite Claire falling from the truck onto the garage floor head first, it was a WONDERFUL evening! We were one of two families there and I even managed to sneak off for a few minutes and relax in the hot tub......ALL BY MYSELF!!!! Cohen and Claire loved it there and Brian couldn't believe how much Claire had grown since he took her last year. Since we are just 20 minutes from there it was no farther than going to Nanny and Papa's house and it was only 5 bucks a person! We really enjoyed our evening together and it left us all exhausted but totally refreshed!

I am watching Ellen as I post this and she is interviewing Dr. Wayne Dyer. He just said something that I thought was hilarious but also very valid!

"It's no better to have a smoking section in a restaurant than it is to have a peeing section in a swimming pool."

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momofmanysheep said...

ROFLOL! Love the comment about peeing in the pool and smoking. I may as bold to remember that next time we are near the smoking section at our fave rest.