Sunday, December 9, 2007

My poor little guy!

Well, last night as Brian and I were getting ready for bed (at midnight for some reason!) we heard a pretty bad cough coming from down the hall. I figured it was Claire because she has had a cold and it sounded WAY TOO big to be coming from little man. As I peeked in on Claire I realized that she was sound asleep...uh oh. It was Cohen. I went in and picked him up. He was going strong with a terrible "barking" cough, he was having trouble breathing and he was shaking uncontrollably! I took him in to Brian and started packing a bag and throwing clothes on because I knew we were headed for the ER. I was nervous because we just switched insurance providers and I have never been to St. John's other than to visit let alone a midnight trip to the ER ALONE! Brian decided it would be best to call Grandma Connie so that she could come stay with Claire while he went with me. When we finally got in at around 3 am they did a breathing treatment and an x-ray and decided that he has croup. They gave him a steroid shot (just what we need...steroids!) and finally sent us home at 6 am. So here I sit running on 2 hours of sleep but so thankful that it wasn't worse than it was. Brian was amazing. I was so proud how he just jumped right in and offered tons of hugs and cuddles (to both of us!). I am so thankful that Cohen waited to get sick until Brian was home. I can't imagine having sat there for 5 hours in the middle of the night by myself!! As for our new hospital, I was pleasantly surprised! We have always been a Cox family for as long as I can remember so I was nervous about the switch. The nurses, doctor and staff were wonderful and did everything they could to make us as comfortable as possible. I was also glad that Cohen actually got a bath last night before bed and he was in his "nice" jammies! An added bonus...I had actually showered last night too! Not exactly a Saturday routine for me! When Claire woke up this morning here is the conversation we had.
Claire: "Hey mom, I woke up and Grandma magically appeared in your bed!"
Me: "She did?"
Claire: "Yeah, and then I was like GRANDMA? (While making the cutest little squinty face) IS THAT REALLY YOU? Then I closed my eyes and she was gone."

She was a little confused but she was such a big helper this morning and sat in the living room with me while I caught a little extra shut eye before Cohen woke up. Cohen is doing better this morning. He still isn't his normal happy self, but he sounds much better. I am in awe of how different I am today. We did the same thing with Claire (croup) when I was pregnant with Cohen and it took all I had to keep it together. I was a mess! Last night, I was calm as could be. I know it's because God is such a strong presence in my life now. I have found a strength in myself lately that can only be explained one way. It is coming from my faith and my new relationship with Him. I am looking forward to church tonight. It's the Joy To The World concert and I think it is just what I need to start my week. A great night to praise God and give him the glory for the way he his working everyday in my life.

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