Monday, December 10, 2007

Here are some pictures that have been hanging out on my camera for a while!

While Brian was gone, I was exhausted one morning and just didn't want to roll out of bed. Claire was laying there with me watching cartoons. She heard Coco wake up and I told her she could go in and keep him company for a few minutes. When I finally made my way down the hall I noticed a familiar and surprisingly pleasant odor coming from Cohen's room. What is that smell? BABY MAGIC!!! Cohen and his crib were COVERED in it. And if you look close, Claire filled his bed with every toy she could find. Poor kid!


Claire and Cohen enjoying one of the last beautiful days of the year! Cohen loves to ride with his sister!

My little ballerina. Yes, she dressed herself.

Claire waiting to put the star on the tree.

Dancing with Santa. I wasn't thinking this summer when I was cleaning out our storage area and moved Santa out. He was stored in his box, but his head wouldn't fit back in so I just carried it out. Claire FREAKED OUT and I wasn't sure if she would ever go near old Santa again! It took a few days but now they are old buddies! He's really not as creepy as he looks. (Unless of course you are home alone and forget he's at the bottom of the stairs....then you might need to change your pants.)


Kevin and Christie said...

Those pictures are great! It was great to see you guys at Thanksgiving...I am glad to keep in touch over blogs! I think that I would be a little scared of the Santa...thanks for letting us know that he doesn't look so scary in person!


Mare said...

Love the pics and getting to see the kids!! and Love reading all the antics!! Between you and Emily I stay pretty entertained!!