Monday, October 22, 2007

It's been a while!

I have neglected my blog for a few weeks. I realized that it is a great form of therapy so I decided to jump back in! Plus I found these sweet pics of my baby boy when he was well...a BABY! I couldn't resist.

My how time flies, people lose weight and change their hair color!!! I am getting so excited for another holiday season. The good news is, I have a little girl who totally "gets" it this year. Which means that I can use the "I have Santa's cell phone number right here and I am not afraid to use it" line in order to gain the upper hand. The bad news is, I am missing our Oklahoma family!!! We are all doing our own thing this year and it makes me a little sad. We are all multiplying at an astonishing rate and there just isn't "room in the inn!" We are hoping to get together sometime between now and Christmas just to spend some time together. As for today, I am organizing the toy room. I'm still working on it but here is the progress I have made so far! I was so lucky to get 3 shelves from the bookstore when it closed. We just picked them up yesterday and THEY ARE WONDERFUL.

I think my favorite part about them (other than the fact that they were the perfect size and FREE) is that they smell like our bookstore. That is a smell that I will always associate with some of the best times of my life. I loved working there with my Mom and my adopted Mom's. (Delphia and Susan, I miss you girls!) I will miss Kristen, Drew, Liz, Josh and of course Alison who was there FOREVER and made these gifts for my kiddos that I will treasure for always!

They were all there to listen to our crazy stories and believed every single one of them when most people thought we were making them up. Kristen and Delphia threw me a baby shower through which I had MAJOR contractions and was just sure that Cohen was going to be born in Delphia's living room! It was sad to see the doors close after years and years of being a part of our lives. However, we realize now that it was God's plan. He knew that my Mom was needed elsewhere! I will miss having a place to just stop by and hang out while waiting on Claire at school when there wasn't enough time to go home. I will miss sitting with Claire and reading book after book after book and then walking to the Candy House to get a peanut butter dinosaur! I will miss walks down to Mr. Bill's office to get a piece of candy and say Hi. I will miss the customer's who have been around since I worked there in High School and know my parents, me and my kids. It's the end of an era and I am just thankful to have been a part of it. So long Heritage Bookstore! AKA "Heri Books" because the sign was always broken!

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Nicole said...

We are going to miss you also this year!