Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Here is a picture taken a few weeks ago at our friend Chad's wedding. You can't tell by just looking but I am the ONLY one who isn't pregnant! Jenny is due first, then Ashley, 2 weeks later comes Danielle and finally Jana all within 2 months!!! Let's just say it's a good thing Brian got "fixed" because I think when spring rolls around I will have the "FEVER" big time!! We had such a great weekend catching up. It was wonderful to have Jana and Bryce in from California and have the old gang back together! The boys were all so excited to be together again. They were so cute in their tuxedos. (when they were on!) I only wish we had an excuse to do that more often. Thanks to the pregos who went on TWO McDonald's runs over the weekend! Between Friday and Saturday night we consumed 34 double cheeseburgers and 34 orders of fries! Perfect midnight snack!! Thanks girls! The weekend wouldn't have been complete without a heart shaped hot tub! We had one in our huge bathroom and it was classy! It was really accented by the floral wallpaper straight from 1981. Good times!

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