Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Day 4

Today started off with a chuckle when Claire said to me, and I quote, "Mom, I know you like caffeine but I like tootsie rolls." I think this was her way of getting me to let her eat tootsie rolls for breakfast. It worked. Then it was off to Nanny and Papa's for a day filled with Halloween fun! Cohen took his first tractor ride with Papa. He loved it! (So did Papa!)
Here is the recipe for our pumpkin brownies and then how they actually turned out! Please note that the recipe is worn due to the fact that my mom clipped it out of a magazine in 1983! It was a special memory from my childhood and I am so excited to start this tradition with my kids. Thanks Mom!

Here I am with Levi the Giraffe, Charlie Brown and Batman!

Supergirl, Batman and Charlie Brown with Grandma Connie and Great-Grandparents Bill and Millie.
Charlie Brown and Supergirl!

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emily said...

love the charlie brown costume!! that is so funny!! and of course . . . little super girl is just as cute as can be too!!!