Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Day 3

Here is our little Supergirl at school today! They had their costume parade and Claire actually participated. She usually freezes up and wants to sit with Nanny but I think the promise of a slush from Sonic after school motivated her this morning. And yes, she is wearing pantyhose. I don't think there is anything more hilarious than a little girl in pantyhose!
She is really getting excited about tomorrow! I just have to finish Coco's costume! By the way, if you don't understand my titles for the past 2 blogs, you will in a few weeks!


Kevin and Christie said...

So cute! I love the outfit...can't wait to see what Cohan's outfit looks like. and...what is this...day2,day3...fill me in...I am so curious now!


emily said...

she is so stinkin' cute!! and yep . . . I'm curious too about this day 2 and so on!!!

Dana said...

Tell Claire that Aunt Dana was Supergirl today too; however I did not wear pantyhose. I didn't show any leg at all. The adult superhero costumes showed a little too much skin so I made my own. I will try to get pics to you soon. Taylon was Flash so I decided to play on the superhero theme. It was so fun getting to be at school with him today. Love you and hang in there while Brian is gone:)