Friday, August 24, 2007

A little bit of kindness

A few days ago Claire and I talked about getting a hair cut. I told her that sometimes when people get really sick, they loose their hair. I said I thought it would be nice if we could cut off some of her hair and donate it to a little girl who lost her hair. (Locks of Love) She seemed a little confused but said, "Yeah, I guess I could do that." Later that evening, she picked up one of her Care Bears and said, "Mommy, can we give this Care Bear to that little girl too?" I wasn't thinking about the conversation we had earlier and asked her what girl she was talking about. She said "You know, the one who lost her hair!" My heart was filled with pride as I listened to my little lady tell her Daddy that we NEEDED to give this bear to that little girl because it would make her feel better. I know I am not a perfect mother. Some days I question if I am even a mediocre one! But the one thing I hope to accomplish is to raise children who are KIND. They may not be the smartest, funniest or most beautiful (although, to me they will be!) but if they are KIND I will consider my work as a mother a true success. That, and if we make it through the teenage years without knocking each other out!

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