Friday, August 24, 2012

Catch up.

It's been a while since I have blogged regularly.  I never really intended to take such a long break because I really enjoy blogging.  However, it has been a really good hiatus.  Since I last blogged...
I said "see you later" to some great people at our preschool.

We celebrated with this handsome guy for his 4th birthday.

Claire and I celebrated the last day of 2nd grade with a great bunch of kids at the park.

I had lunch with these cuties.

We bought a little place at the lake...and spent A LOT of the summer there!

We said goodbye to Grandma Phillips 

We all chipped in and bought a water slide for Nanny and Papa's pool.  We popped the water slide for Nanny and Papa's pool after 1 week.

I finally caved in to Kidz Bop.  I don't entirely hate Kidz Bop like I thought I did.

We spent days floating around on the lake.

I found this guy hanging on the fireplace. 

Cohen grew. More.

He lost TWO teeth!

Our air conditioner exploded on the hottest day of the summer.  We were SO lucky it didn't catch the house on fire.

I took this picture.   

More lake time. 

We caught fish using anything from bread to Twizzlers.

We snuggled.

We built forts.

Then somehow...this happened.
School started. I sent my first born to 3rd grade...
and my Kindergarten!!!

So here I sit at my computer, in a quiet house.  For EIGHT years I have had a little person attached to my hip almost all the time, and now it's just me and the dog.  It is very hard to get used to.  It is SO fun to pick up the kids from school and hear about their days.  Cohen is LOVING school.  I can just tell he is so happy and it makes my heart happy.  Claire is more reserved about her feelings for school, but she has an amazing teacher and I can tell Claire really likes her and her classroom environment.  

My life has changed so much and I am finding ways to occupy my time.  There is always something to do, read, clean, fix, paint, get the picture.  There is one thing however, that I am really excited about. I am moving my blog to word press and it's getting a makeover!!!!  I have been tossing around the idea for at least a year.  So before long, I will announce my new site and start my new blogging adventure! Stay tuned!

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