Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This kid...

melts my heart into a big puddle of mushy goodness...pretty much daily.
On Saturday, Grandma Connie watched the kids so Big Daddy and I could have a little date. We went to see The Blind Side and it was a GREAT movie. But nothing compared to the story I heard when I picked up my little lovelies.
Claire had decided to make up a game for her, Grandma and Cohen to play. She wrote names on note cards and stacked them up. Each person was to draw a card and say something nice about the person on the card. Here are some of Cohen's answers:
Nanny: "She has a clean house and she is a very good Nanny."
Papa: "He is a very good fisherman and I love him."
Aunt Sandy: "She is nice to me, she makes good soup and I love her dog Mulligan."
And the best one....
Uncle Gary: "I am sorry that he died but he is in Heaven with Jesus and I love him...so does Jesus."
There it goes again....a big puddle of mushy goodness.


HeartBeat said...

Amen little guy *hugs him tight*

Anonymous said...

How the tear's flow!!What a wonderful,wonderful son,grandson,and great grandson.He tug's at my heart!! I could just hug him to pieces!!! Thank you for alway's having something on your blog that makes me warm and happy for my blessing's.Chrissy,you rock!!!! Love you all!!! Grammy

sheepmom said...

What a CRAZY cute picture of Cohen. LOL! I think I see a little bit of momma in that grin.

And...he melted my heart too.

BotandPans said...

Love CoCo. What a sweetie. Give him a big hug from Amy!!!