Thursday, March 11, 2010

Over the Mississippi and Through St. Louis....

to grandmother's house we go! Our big boys (Big Daddy, Uncle and Papa) headed west to hunt wild hog so we went east to visit my Grammy and Papa Tom! Here is our trip in pictures!

Poor Nanny was shoved in the back with all the littles. I'm sure if you asked her, she would tell you that she enjoyed every second...except maybe the stop at Steak & Shake on the way home. That was a little much thanks to Claire's stinky feet and stinkier attitude.

Little Coco watching a movie.

Livi Loo playing with her baby. Just so you know, this child RAN the whole way. All six hours her little feet NEVER stopped!!

Cohen...just the opposite.

Wide awake.....
not so much.
We got to Grammy's and played for a bit. Mom decided that she would stay with Grammy and the rest of us would stay at a hotel (there was just too many of us!). Friday night she kept Claire with her and Saturday night she kept Cohen so that I only had one kiddo to wrangle! Friday night when she took us back to the hotel, Claire wanted to stay behind with Grammy. When mom returned, she found the girls playing with the "city" they had built in the office!
Cohen, Papa Tom and Tasha (Grammy's little dog)

Haircuts ALL AROUND!

We stopped by the nursing home to visit MY Great-Grandma. (My Papa Melvin's mom)

We met up with Aunt Marylin and Uncle Jerry (Papa Melvin's sister and her husband)
I see orderly in his future.

Alivia with her momma and her Great-great-Grandma!
Grammy with Cohen, Alivia, Claire and Claire's attitude.
Cohen and his beautiful Great-Grammy.
3 Generations!
**Not pictured...our visit with my namesake Chris, her husband Doug and her girls Grace and Hope! We left the camera at Grammy's shop!**
Thank you Grammy for having us! It was such a special weekend!


Anonymous said...

Chrissy,I love how you write,and I love what you write about. I so enjoyed the pictures!!!! It was just like having you visit all over again. Thank you my love!!Grammy

Greenthumbmom said...

Seeing your mom riding in the back was funny...because, my mom did that too when the kids were little! She will still do it today if we give her the chance! Loved the pics too! Laura was my child who never slept and Liz was out the minute we hit the hwy! Little trips are the best!