Monday, February 8, 2010

A Lighter Fare

Tonight, with Big Daddy at a meeting, I took my little lovelies to eat Chinese food. First, you should know that this little joint is quite small. In other words, you hear pretty much everything everyone says. We sat down and the kids started sipping away at their drinks. (Yes, soda.) Our food arrived via the waiter with black and red hair. Cohen asked me if that boy rubbed his hand on his red shirt and then wiped it in his hair. Oh dear. I was cutting up Cohen's chicken when all of the sudden this GIANT noise came bellowing out my sweet boy's face. He was just as shocked as I was. He said, "Excuse me!" We all cracked up...meaning me and every other person in the restaurant! Usually, I would not encourage such behavior (in public anyway) but it was just so obvious that the poor kid had NO control over that one! We settled ourselves and then Claire noticed something out of the corner of her eye. "Look mom! It's a doodoo statue!" What on earth is a doodoo statue?? I looked over to see a BUDDAH statue! Again...lost it! I turned to the door just in time to see a man walking in with a very interesting looking beard. Before I could whip back around Cohen yells, "WHOOOOAAAAA MOMMA!!!! LOOK at that LONG beard!" Oh dear. "Yes honey, that is a very neat looking beard but let's use our quiet voices please!" I don't think for a second that he was being mean or making fun, in fact he really liked this man and his beard, but you can imagine how tempting it was to crawl under the table. Not ten seconds later, Cohen's eyes lit up like the fourth of July. A smile spread across his face that could melt your heart in two seconds flat. I turned and could NOT believe my eyes. Cohen started bouncing up and down in his seat. I tried to settle him down and gain his full attention. That didn't happen. At least not until AFTER he squealed, "MOMMMA!!!! He's like the doodoo statue!!!!" In Cohen's defense, the man did like very similar to the statue. Again, he was NOT being rude. He was genuinely excited that he was seeing a real life Buddah statue! I think every mom has at least ONE of these stories. Why am I not surprised that I got 4 in one short meal? What's your story???


Sheila said...

Chrissy, I LOVE that! Those two are too cute! And as I sit here and read this Im thinking you just HAD to be at the SAME "little" place we all love, maybe not. But, the last time WE went there for Chinese and encountered the black/red hair It WAS a funny story. dear sweet Hunter being the typical 14 yr old teen that he is...well I will refrain from posting "his" story on your blog :)

sheepmom said...

LITERALLY cracking up! This is so funny. And trust me, as they get older and realize what they are saying, it's not so cute. Treasure these moments, no matter how embarassing. They are priceless.