Sunday, January 3, 2010

Treat from Heaven

Remember THIS post, where I mentioned something had happened that I would share about later? Well, it's later.

I mentioned in that post that it was my Uncle Gary's birthday. I was sitting at my computer that evening and I received a message from my cousin Amy, Gary's oldest daughter. It said, "So, I'm with Angela and I just took a pregnancy test...the line is really light but it's there. What does that mean?" I started crying/borderline sobbing. I think my response was something along the lines of, "IT MEANS YOUR EGGO IS PREGO!!! CALL ME!!!"

That's right. On what would have been my Uncle Gary's 49th birthday...his daughter finds out she is with child. I prayed that night and thanked God for His faithfulness. He never forgets us...His children. He knew that December 10, 2009 was going to be so hard for Uncle Gary's family. He also knew that would be the day Amy would learn that her life was going to change in an incredible way.

I can't wait to watch Amy blossom into motherhood. I am thrilled for Chad to have the chance to be the amazing daddy we all know he will be. My arms ache to hold the "baby bot." I think it will be a boy. Most of all, I am thankful that this baby will be welcomed by a mother and father who love the Lord with all their hearts! Amy and Chad, we love you and pray every night for your growing family!

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Anonymous said...

Chrissy,it was such a wonderful and heartwrenching blog!!! But it also was such a wonderful message to us from our Lord!!! You do have a talent in your writing and I can't wait to read your Blog!! Grammy is so proud of all her grandchildren and Great grandchilden!!! I am truly blessed. As for our Gary he was definately a special young man!!!!! Can't wait to see you,Lot's of love,Grammy