Sunday, January 17, 2010

This is my confession.

If you have read either one of my blogs over the last several months you've probably noticed, there has been a lot going on. Moving, school, holidays, crafts, cooking, cleaning, laundry, parties, deaths, a pregnancy announcement and A LOT of praying. What you may or may not have noticed is a mention of the George family attending church. It may not be completely out of the ordinary because I don't really broadcast each and every service we attend. But the truth is...we haven't been going. It was never because we were "backsliding" or revolting against organized religion. It wasn't because we don't LOVE going. It was for a few reasons, which are not even remotely acceptable when I look at what all God has done for me. Thankfully I serve a God who knows I'm not perfect and He will forgive me for my brief hiatus.

God sent me a sign in the form of TWO children who asked a few times in one week, "Momma, when are we going to go back to church?" Ouch. Talk about a humbling experience. Claire was VERY excited about trying out "medium church" and Cohen was excited about going to the "big boy play land!" I was thankful for our "guy" who has been Cohen's teacher since birth. (And that is really saying something in a church the size of ours...he is truly a blessing!)

So after a few months of lazy Sunday mornings, we are back. And let me tell felt great.


Andi said...

Good for you. We had been doing the same thing. It is easy to fall into a rut of not going but once you get back into it does feel so good! I saw your momma at church today. She is such a great person and such a wonderful friend to Steph. Hope you had a great day Chrissy!

Patty Hunt said...

Rather than leave this message on Stephanie's site, I was wondering if you are aware of the service, ?
It was forwarded to me and I figured you had heard of this organization, but it's better safe than sorry.
I enjoy your blogs and all you do for all you love,
Patty Hunt