Friday, April 10, 2009

The apple

I must tell you today about one of my favorite childhood memories. My mom always kept a neat and tidy home. On spring and fall days when it was nice, I recall the attic fan humming away and the breeze blowing through the house. It was always bright, crisp and cheerful. On days when I run the attic fan I am always energized and a tad nostalgic. Keep in mind, I have never mentioned this to Claire.
Today, I was picking up the house getting ready for Big Daddy to come home so we could decorate Easter eggs. I was finished with our bedroom, the kitchen, the living room and the bathroom. I came in and opened the blinds in the living room. Claire took a big deep breath in and said, "Oh mommy, I love when the blinds are open and the house is clean!" I turned around and looked at her sweet face and just couldn't believe what I was hearing! THEN she said, "I really like it when you turn on that fan in the hallway!" I guess what they say is true. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

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